Undoubtedly, restroom is where we visit every day. Therefore, you know how important it is to have a nice, comfortable modern toilet. When it comes to buying modern toilets, there are quite many of them to choose. And, many things to know about to finally select the right one that lasts long, serves your comfort very well and beyond. If you have a bit of time to go through these comprehensive buying guides for the best toilets, you will have plenty of information and know what a modern toilet that is best for your needs.

3 Top Rated Modern Bathroom Toilets

Buying guides

There might be so many things to know about a toilet to buy the right one. However, this Buying Guides will make things simple for you. We bring you only the most important information you need when evaluating a toilet. In that, some background information, key features to consider in a modern toilet, and a few advises will be presented.

Modern Toilet Types

It is more likely that you might be looking for a toilet to install into your restroom at home. That needs a usual toilet. Nonetheless, in case you are looking for some to install in your shops, restaurants or a public restroom, then the commercial toilets are for your consideration. There are not many differences between the two except the fact commercial toilets do not have the same water tanks as those home toilets while the prices are generally lower.

Prices of the Best Modern Toilets for Sale

Brands, features, and designs have many things to do with the price of a modern toilet. However, in some cases, as proven through the tests, the higher price does not guarantee the more satisfied performance while generally, the best toilet could cost around $ 200. The price could go up much more to a thousand for the luxury ones. Along with the buyer guides, the below will also bring you the best toilet reviews which most of them are at good price. You can click on the picture of each you like to see the details. They are all the best toilets for sale available.


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Commonly, when talking about the design, it is about how the toilets look. The presentation of a modern toilet, including the finishes, is important. For one, it is the reason of your like. There is no doubt. If you like the way it looks, you are going to feel better about it. Plenty of designs are available to go through. On the other hand, it is the question if the design works well together to your restroom style and space. That will make up how you will feel whenever you get into the restroom. Most modern toilets are available in white, bone, and linen. The popularity also goes to the black toilet.

However, you may also need to know that there are two categories of the toilet construction. They are the one piece toilet and two piece toilet. The point is in the connection between the water tank and the toilet bow. For one piece toilet design, the two are made in one. This is a later design construction, and it is said to be easier to clean as well as install. The traditional construction would be the two piece toilet design. This is very common of how a toilet is made, and you will find most of the best modern toilets are in two pieces.

Also to notice, another toilet design that might be interesting to your need, in certain situations, is the corner toilet design. This kind of toilet has similar elongated or round bowl design, but it has a triangle water tank which lets itself fit perfectly to the installation into the corner of your restroom. The corner toilet is usually made smaller and for small restrooms.

Key Features to Consider When Looking for Best Modern Toilets

There are necessary features in a modern toilet which enable them to perform great, finally. Here are the ones you will need to examine closely in a toilet you might be interested in : Flushing Performance, Water Consumption Efficiency, and Comfort.

Flushing Performance

Flushing well and powerful is an extremely important functionality of a toilet. It will decide if you are going to flush just once, twice or even more to put everything down to the drain while good flushing will as well prevent clogging and help to clean up the surface of the toilet well. Different brands have their own flushing mechanism and technology to ensure superior flush in their product performance. American Standard toilets have siphon action technology, TOTO toilets have double cyclone technology, and Kohler toilets have AquaPiston flushing technology. These are their uniqueness in the flushing performance which each has praised theirs over others. Additionally, the touchless flushing could be seen in some best toilets for sale available. This touchless technology allows users to flush by just waving hand.

Related to flushing types, two are commonly seen in many best modern toilet designs. They are gravity-feed and pressure-assisted flush. Like its name says, gravity-feed toilets mainly use gravity to pull down the water into the toilet bowl and bring the waste down to the drain. As tested, this type has worked quite well just as the pressure-assisted toilet but less noisy during the flushing. Nonetheless, in a case for a large family, pressure-assisted toilets might work better. Pressure-assisted toilets have pressurized air in its tank, and it works to powerfully flush any kinds of waste down aggressively with very few clogs to happen. Yet, it is noisy and maybe more expensive.

Water Consumption Efficiency

This is another absolutely demanded performance and feature in a modern toilet. Long time before, a toilet needs around 3.5 gallons of water per flush. Smart improvement takes place, and for many best modern toilets now, they require only about 1.6 gallons of water while some could do even 1.28 gallons while still flushing strong and clean to ensure the worry-free performance. This makes a huge difference to saving environment, especially in where that faces drought, as well as the bill. Thousands of liters of water could be saved annually, and that is a lot of money.

In relation to high efficiency, there are two things you could find in a modern toilet design. One is the WaterSense Certification which is the notification of a toilet which needs 1.28 gallons of water per flush or less by the US Department of Energy. The other thing you could do is finding the best dual flush toilets. The technology will allow users to decide if it needs a partial or full flush. Partial flush works great for liquid waste, and it needs only around 0.9 gallons of water. It does make saving happen to another level.

Comfort Sit

In the meantime that you have found the best design toilets with great flushing performance and high efficiency, comfort has also to be there still. It makes less sense for whatever reason if you could not sit comfortably on it. And, about comfort in a toilet, it comes to the bowl design, bowl height, and toilet seat.

Two common toilet bowl shapes that are available are round and elongated bowls. There is also the elongated bowl design with round front. Generally, people love the ergonomic, elongated toilet bowls, and they find them comfortable. Nevertheless, you can ask your own experience for that, and find the bowl shape accordingly. For bowl height, there are toilets that come with 14 or 15 inch high, and there are some which are between 17 and 19 inch. Many find toilet bowls around 18 inch the most comfortable, but this very much depends on the user’s’ height and individual comfort.

What Is Next?

All the above mentioned information and guides are the pictures of what the best modern toilets look like. Obviously, the best toilets would mean it fits with your own requirements, space, and situation too. To help you figure it out, there are a few questions you might like to review.

  • Are you looking for a toilet to install at home or in a more public toilet?
  • Is one piece toilet or two piece toilet will be best for the situation?
  • Do you find it more interesting and comfortable with round bowl or elongated bowl toilets?
  • Do you want need a dual flush toilet?

Issues of a Bad Toilet and Buying a Toilet Online

For those who have bad toilet experience, they are usually the weak flushing, clogging, leakage and uncomfortable sit. Certain toilet designs are not with powerful enough flush, or the function suddenly does not work properly. As a result, some users have to flush it a few times to flush everything away. That is annoying for some, and it is also a waste of water. Clogging does happen too as a consequence of weak flush. Another issue relates most to modern toilet installation. When it is not done properly, it could result in leakage later. That requires fixing and reinstalling. The last issue some users have mentioned is the fact that the toilet bowl height does not offer good comfort. That comes to it being too low or high. When you check for one, you should have that in good consideration too.

Regarding buying a toilet online, there is a problem that could happen and has happened often. It is the shipping issue. Some are shipped late, some come with missing parts while the worse case is it comes broken. That takes time to return the toilet and wait more before you can replace the old one.

Best Toilet Reviews For You To Find One Quick

I. Best One Piece Toilet and Two Pieces Toilet Reviews

American Standard 2862.056.020 Elongated One-Piece Toilet

This is the one piece design toilet from American Standard. This toilet has a very unique and elegant design. It comes with the seat and many features to perform very well. It has a strong flush by the siphon action, and it has an elongated bowl design to offer good comfort for the users. Besides very well construction, the modern toilet is made up from Vitreous china which is a durable material for the toilet to last long. If you are looking for one, this worth all your consideration.

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KOHLER K-3950-0 Tresham Two-Piece Elongated  Toilet

As well, this is another brilliant design. It is from Kohler, a recognized brand for high quality toilet. It is known best for good comfort and as among the high efficiency toilets, consuming less water. The Kohler k-3950-0 has an elongated bowl, and it takes approximately 1.28 gallons of water only per flush while stilling flushing strong. Additionally, the toilet has been integrated with AquaPiston flushing technology to let it powerfully flush everything away once. This two piece toilet has also been rated very positive by the users. This basically reflects how well it has worked to serve their users.

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TOTO CST744SL#01 Drake 2-Piece Ada Toilet

This is another TOTO toilet. It is a design in two pieces, and it has very attractive bowl and tank with the G-Max flushing system. This is a flushing mechanism to ensure superior flushing performance of the toilet. Moreover, it has a 3 inch valve along with the 12 inch rough-in, which lets the flush go quick, strong and quiet. This TOTO toilet is available in 6 different colors including black, white and bone.

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II. Best Wall Hung Toilet and Wall Mount Toilet

TOTO CT418F#01 Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet Bowl, Cotton White

TOTO CT4118#01 is wall hung toilet type. If that is the design you are looking for in a modern toilet, this is a reliable choice you could consider. Of course, TOTO is a good brand for this. Particularly, this wall hung toilet has good features such as dual flushing system, comfortable bowl height, and super sleek design, looking very premium. Even more interesting, this wall hung toilet is available at a good, affordable price.

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KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

Kohler has also got a brilliant wall mount toilet which is the Kohler K-6299-0. This toilet model features many interesting points to make itself the best one. Kohler K-6299-0, as you could see in the picture, has a compact elongated bowl design. This is awesome to add extra comfort when sitting on. As well, the one piece wall hung design is found to be quite easy to clean. This is really a smart choice when it comes to finding the best wall hung toilet.

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American Standard 2093.100.020 Elongated Wall-Mounted Toilet

Another possibly the best wall hung toilet to consider is the American Standard 2093.100.020. This particular stylish toilet design has a pressure assisted flush type which is extremely powerful to flush everything perfectly. This could prevent clogging from happening too. For the toilet installation, it has to be side-mounted, and this could be done with ease. At the same time, users have reviewed the toilet very satisfactory. Thus, this should do good for you too.

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III. Best Commercial Toilets

American Standard 3461.001.020 Madera Commercial ADA Universal Toilet Bowl

Provided that it is commercial toilets that you are looking for, this American Standard 3461.001.020 is our recommendation for you. The Madera model has interestingly comfortable bowl height. This is a nice feature, and many find it even more amazing due to its trendy appearance. Another good reason for this toilet is it has an EverClean functionality which is good to put more in a public toilet such as in the buildings.

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American Standard 2234.001.020 Madera Elongated Toilet Bowl

Second recommendation regarding the commercial toilets, it also goes to American Standard products. This commercial toilet design has many similarities to the first mentioned one. However, this comes without the EverClean feature. This option is cheaper, and other than the EverClean function, this toilet performs just as well with aggressive flush. Lastly, his item is made in US, and its overall quality is highly reliable.

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TOTO CT705EN#01 Floor-mounted

The last commercial toilet to go is the TOTO CT705EN#01. This is a super design with absolutely good efficiency. It needs just 1.28 gallons of water to flush well each time. Also, because siphon jet action technology, the toilet could powerfully flush. Many users of this have said the toilet flushes strong and even better, it flushes quietly. Lastly, the design is nice while it is available at a cheap price. Toilet seat is not included in the package.

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IV. Best Corner Toilets

American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

American Standard 270BD001.020 is a model built with triangle tank, and it fits perfect to the corner of the restroom. In case, such a corner toilet, you are seeking, this should be a good consideration. It has a round front bowl, two piece design and very high performing flushing capacity. The modern toilet construction is as well very durable and easy to clean while the material used is vitreous china.

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American Standard 216AD004.020 Toilet, White

Constructed with the integration of Cadet Flushing System, American Standard corner toilet is seen to have very aggressive flushing power. In that, power rim comes along which does help for the cleaning. Low water consumption is another area this becomes so good an option as the corner toilet. The flush needs 1.6 gallons, and this is so low a consumption. It saves a lot of water compared to the conventional one that takes up to 3.5 gallons.

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Toilet White Corner Sheffield Dual Flush Round

The third corner toilet we are going to review is the Dual Flush Round bowl Sheffield toilet. This is another beautiful toilet design which has so many of the features to do best work. At a good affordable price, this toilet has the powerful and dual flush. It works to get rid of the waste well, and it saves water by its dual flush functionality. Importantly, it is designed to fit perfectly in a small restroom in the corner.

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V. Best Composting Toilet

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet – 5.3 gallon

For those who like to travel in the remote area such as camping, there is a need for the composting toilet. We have also had some designs to suggest. This first one is the Camco Composting and portable toilet. This toilet has been constructed with 5.3 gallon tank, and it has a sealing slide which is to work smart and efficiently in blocking odor and preventing leakage from happening. The Camco design is also stated to have sturdy stand with the bellow-flush. These are to let it perform very well.

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Nature’s Head Dry Composting Toilet / Standard Crank Handle

Another interesting composting toilet to consider is the Nature’s Head Dry Toilet. This composting toilet is quite expensive. However, it could do much more. For one reason, it has a very nice sturdy design while it could compost the waste very quick by the hand crank agitator. Additionally, the construction of this composting toilet is user friendly and makes the installation very easy. That is the real solution to personal sanitary when away from home.

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Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Toilet

The next composting toilet is the Palm Springs. Designed best for camp site, this is a portable, composting toilet with 5 gallon tank. It is in matte finish, and it has a seat and base design to ensure very good sturdiness. Other than that, it is leak proof, one piece design, and small to bring with easy. No assembly is needed, and it is available cheap. For more details of the toilet, you can get to the link below.

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VI. Best Portable Toilets

Reliance Products Luggable Loo Portable 5 Gallon Toilet

As a cheap and very good solution for personal sanitation, this Reliance portable toilet can do a nice job for you. The modern toilet could store up to 5 gallons of waste, and it is designed ergonomically and comfortable to sit on. The toilet is in bucket style along with the snap on lib. It is lightweight and very easy to bring with to camping, fishing, hunting and more.

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Drive Medical Folding Steel Bedside Commode, Grey

Instead if you need a portable toilet for patients, then you would this Drive Medical commode a good option. It is the best selling commode, and it could be folded flat for storage and bringing along with. The commode is easy to open, and it is made from durable plastic and high quality frame. Additionally, the bucket in the design is included. With this package, it is ready to be used.

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Thetford 92360 Porta Potti 550E Curve Portable Toilet

Premium designed, rated very high with great performance, this is the Theford toilet is currently among the best solution as a portable toilet. For one, it has a comfortable seat design at a comfortable height. This is so user friendly. Even better, the toilet paper holder is integrated to make it even more convenient to use. For the flush, it has a hidden battery control system that will do the work very well. The tank level indicator is as well there.

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VII. Best Luxury Toilets

TOTO MS980CMG#01 Neorest 550 Toilet, Cotton White

When it comes to the luxury toilets, it is premium quality ones with extremely high standard and performance. Among the ones available, TOTO MS980CMG#01 is one of them. This TOTO Neorest toilet is a one piece design with programmable nightlight. The lib is made automatically open and close, and it has three cleaning modes. Related to the flushing, it also operates hand free and automatic.

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TOTO MS950CG#01 Neorest 500 One Piece Toilet, Cotton White

The next luxury toilet you could too consider is the TOTO MS950CG#01. This is relatively very similar to the first luxurious TOTO toilet. However, there are a few differences that differentiate both. For pricing, this one is even more expensive, and its superior features include the cyclone flushing system along the washlet feature which flushes strong with no noise while at the same time cleaning. For operation, it is completely automatic such as to flush and for the lib to open and close.

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Toto MS970CEMFG# Toilet G500, Cotton

Still, this last luxury toilet review comes the TOTO product. Among the three, this last one cost least, but it has many superior features to most other toilets. For flushing strong, it has the Dual-Max system, and it needs 0.9 gallons for partial flush and 1.28 gallons for full flush. The pressure control is adjustable, and it additionally has the warm water washing from the front and rear side. Even smarter, this toilet could be remotely controlled. Lastly, it has a brilliant and sleek design you can tell it is a premium modern toilet.

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